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  • New York Doll

    New York Doll


    "For thirty years I've been ignored, living in obscurity, and been told that I'm just a loser. And now. Now, there's an excitement."

    I am thankful for Morrissey for many reasons, but the fact that he brought The Dolls back together in time for this reunion, to mend old wounds, to see Aurthur happy once more before he passed on, is something truly beautiful. Aurthur was a sensitive and talented soul and I am glad he was able to be reminded how loved he is.

  • Girl Lost

    Girl Lost


    "Have you ever thought about walking into the ocean? Like, you start at the shore and you just keep walking until the water covers up your head. And you keep going until you can't. "
    "And then what, you drown?"
    "You float away. To a happier place"
    "Yeah I wish it were that easy"
    "It's that easy for you, you have a house."

    It sickens me that people are out there having to live this hell every single day of…

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  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    Ok but if I wanted to hear an old fat man shout for 2 hours I would have called my step dad up and told him his golf swing is below average

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Turns out I want to be Greta Gerwig even when she's as big as my hand and made of plastic