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  • Murder at the Windmill

    Murder at the Windmill

    Jon Pertwee is second billed, as the cop sidekick doing a poverty row Richard Haydn, but this is basically a variety show with Jimmy Edwards as himself, padded out with a murder.

  • Silence of Doctor Ivens

    Silence of Doctor Ivens


    A Faux-Western (set in a strange nebulous English speaking "western world", that might be American but feels European) alien-invasion giallo from the Soviet Union starring the director of Waterloo and War and Peace. Why isn't this betterknown?

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  • The Skin

    The Skin

    I didn't know mid-70s Batman comics were available in 1944 Italy.

  • Cromwell


    Almost worthless because it ignores the Irish stuff, and not only casts a proud son of Limerick as Ireland's most dreaded enemy but also allows him to use his own accent. Still, some of the war scenes have a kind of Bava-ish look.