Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Is that Jeff Jarrett? It IS Jeff Jarrett, holy shit. If he had pulled out a guitar and smashed a civilian over the head with it I would have awarded 5 stars immediately.

I had seen all the praise for Spring Breakers and knew roughly what is was about but I was still cautious going in as it revolves around a lifestyle and culture that is basically the opposite of my personality. I had the feeling I was either going to love it or hate it, but I wasn't too surprised when I ended up in the camp that likes it.

Where Spring Breakers lacks in plot and characters it makes up for in being one fucking radical audiovisual experience. Containing plenty of bare skin, drug use and crime set to a range of music from ambient to dubstep, Spring Breakers has a surreal, unique, and beautifully colourful personality and it was a pleasure to look at and listen to. Of course it always helps having plenty of boob to increase the viewing experience and I never thought I could enjoy a crime montage set to a Britney Spears song. Bravo, Harmony, bravo.

There are only two characters of worth, firstly Selena Gomez who is the representation of innocence, responsibility and stability within the group. As the girls head into increasingly uncharted territories she departs and when you take away the stability of a group, everything collapses and events start to spiral out of control which is exactly what happens. She actually puts in a pretty good performance, but she still looks like she's about 13 years old which makes things a bit weird when you compare her to Hudgens and Benson. The other is, of course, James Franco. I just don't understand Franco, in some roles he clearly doesn't give a shit but in others he shines and this is one of them. Portraying an insecure, try-hard drug and arms dealer, he provides comic relief and a charismatic presence that the movie was sorely lacking until his arrival. Hudgens, Benson and Korine are unremarkable as they play vapid stereotypes of the culture that they are so obsessed with and Gucci Mane is almost unheard of levels of bad. Almost as bad as that ridiculous ice cream tattoo. Almost.

I've read some differing observations on the message behind the movie and to me it seemed to be bordering on parody of the culture it's representing. These girls get wrapped up and lost in a world of fantasy and the illusion that their real world is so easy to escape from. I'd love to take a break from my mundane life and snort coke off a girls breasts while drunk and/or high, but that isn't going to happen. Actually I wouldn't want to do that anyway, but the point is that these girls had an idea in their minds that their spring break adventure could live up to the hopes of eliminating their real lives but the truth is that the things we aspire to are rarely as good as they seem, and that is none more true than in this movie.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it and this is actually just a movie about women in bikini's shaking their asses around.

Spring Breakers no doubt a weird and intriguing experience, but as a sucker for great visual and audio design I can't help but love it.

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