Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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This review may contain spoilers.

"the world only makes sense if you force it to," says bruce with certainty. it has to be with certainty because he's about to murder someone, again. in fact the belief is so thoroughly forced that all it takes for it to shatter is the realization that he and his victim's mother share a name. (this may be the only time bruce realizes it but i doubt it's the only time it's been or will be true.) but that's all it takes (less than 3 onscreen minutes) to make him change his mind about every single reason he's built up for years that he must kill superman.

he shakes his head, stumbling backwards. but it's okay. it's fine. it's okay. it will be okay. this is confusing but he knows how to make the world make sense. he has to save martha (or reaffirm to himself that it's all been worth it; that he is strong enough now; that if he, as he is now, was in that alley back then, it would have been different; he would have changed things. and, of course he could have. he could have several cars and arsenals ago.) martha needs to be saved, he thinks. "i'll make you a promise, martha won't die tonight." and there it is. something to force his belief that any amount of his violence is justified ("we're criminals, alfred.") on, weather luring someone to a trap or mercilessly splattering 20 (okay, definitely shitty) people across a building.

but he hasn't changed. ("i failed him in life, i won't fail him in death. help me find the others like you."/ "perhaps they don't want to be found."/ "they will and they'll fight, we have to stand together.") he thinks he still somehow has the right to be in charge. the belief that he is the sole determiner of good and right in the world, the belief that he isn't accountable to anyone, the belief that only his mind is capable of finding the sense of the world hasn't left him. he hasn't changed. so he will continue to hurt people, continue to harm people, continue to kill people whose mothers' names are martha just with different rationale riveted to the surface.

"i'm a friend of your son's," he forces out.

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