Man of Steel

Man of Steel ★★★★½

in the summer heat of 2016, i (a white enby) was commuting home on a crowded bus through mattapan and the black young adult swaying next to me as we gripped the handholds had a shirt with the Symbol on it. he started talking to me, (i can't now remember how) and though i've had some not great experiences with strangers on the T he seemed very sweet and a few years younger than me so i chatted back guardedly but happily. i think he was maybe flirting (i can never tell) because i felt i ought to bring up that i had a girlfriend. he seemed a bit shocked to learn i was queer but was very pleasant about it. i am not sure what made me feel safe enough to also let him know that i wasn't cis. i wish i remembered more of the conversation. but then he asked me if i'd changed my name. i have; i said yes.

and he asked me about the process, what paperwork you need to file in massachusetts, how much does it cost. i told him as much as i could remember. i was realizing i ought to approach this conversation with the goal of very conscious care for the other participant. i asked if he felt comfortable telling me what he wanted to change his name to. he said clark kent. he talked about how much superman meant to him.

at that time, all i knew of superhero films was a hatred for marvel and the dark knight. so unfortunately, i didn't have much to say. i wished him well with the process and he got off the bus.

a few months later, i saw Clark again on the train leaving park street. we only go to talk briefly.

i hope he's doing so well.

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