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  • The Wind Rises

    The Wind Rises


    I’m not crying, you’re crying...

    Except that I’m crying. Big, gloopy, Miyazaki tears.

  • Parasite




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  • mother!



    "We have to forgive them..."

    A fascinating, punishing, maddening, deeply disturbing Biblical allegory of humanity as an all-out assault on the goodness of creation.

    ..... why do I like this movie?

    The unfortunate truth is that we as a people deny, debase, devour, and then repeat. Aronofsky visualizes this cycle in ways that are increasingly ugly and uncompromising, devoid of cheap resolution. His camera twirls through the claustrophobic confines of the home; forcing you into the same disorientation as the titular Her.

    Love it or hate it, this is a film that refuses to cease wrestling with you until you acknowledge the blood on your hands.

  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    The same thing that's wrong with you isn't wrong with me.

    Breathtaking in its quiet humanity; patient and confident. Granik has made a film of subtle beauty, grief, and grace about growing up and the often painful vitality of community.

    Stunning performances from Foster and particularly from Thomasin McKenzie, who is a STAR in the making.

    It's streaming now on Amazon Prime. Seek it out.