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  • Shirkers



    The stellar year for documentaries continues. 

    What an amazing therapeutic exercise for director Sandi Tan. Of course, it’s highly personalized, but the emotional experience is relatable. Being manipulated and losing ownership of something you gave your entire being to is easy to empathize with. The fact that Tan demonstrates such remarkable assuredness in her craft to convey her story makes me wonder what the real Shirkers would have been like in its entirety. Not to mention that the surviving footage…

  • Destroyer



    Karyn Kusama’s Destroyer falls apart in many of the same ways as Steve McQueen’s Widows. Here is a bleak inner-city drama about a woman taking control of her narrative and standing up the men who have controlled her life for decades, featuring a standout performance from one of our great working actresses, that doesn’t have the narrative muster to make an impact. Now while Widows is a sprawling and truncated actioner, Destroyer is a time-jumping character piece that lacks both…

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Like all Anderson films, this one laps itself on a rewatch. Being hip to the film’s angle definitely helps, but so does a fully invested audence that is eating up everything Anderson’s putting out, just like Day-Lewis’ ravenous Reynolds Woodcock.

    Having already seen this on 35mm, I couldn’t let the opportunity to see it on 70mm pass by. Lit and composed to perfection by Anderson himself and a killer team of camera operators, it’s clear that Phantom Thread was shot…

  • Fifty Shades Darker

    Fifty Shades Darker

    I've watched pornography with more drama.