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  • Treasure Island

  • Treasure Island

  • Treasure Island

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  • Rocket Hunter

    Rocket Hunter

    Okay, let's start!

    1. Poster
    This movie poster looks very promising, right? Yes, very, I agree. But in reality it is created to attract viewers, nothing more. Explaining it later.

    2. Christopher Forbes
    Rocket Hunter is his 32nd movie. And it is totally one-man-show! Totally! Why? Here is the reason: Christopher Forbes is director, producer, writer, editor, cinematographer, set designer, and even musician. Beside that the team contains persons like Emily Forbes, Kelly Forbes and Justin Forbes. So, knowing it,…

  • Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid

    Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid

    Action-packed fun adventure movie from Spain. Put together Conan the Barbarian and Indiana Jones and you have the picture. Not much story here, the time is filled with adventures and action. Partly weird, partly fun and partly surprising. Acting is not required. Technically this movie reminds to me the movies from the 1970s but I am admitting that visual effects here truely surprised me!