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  • The Great White Silence
  • Maiden
  • The Boat
  • Open Water

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  • 65th

  • Eden

  • September Storm

  • The Shadow on the Window

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  • 65th


    Also known as Slender Killer.

    No story, no movie. If this happens then everything else here - shaking camera, poor sound, missing acting - is not even important anymore.

    In total: very amateurish empty nothing.

  • Eden


    Them or us

    Eden is like Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, tough, intense and partly brutal. This situation - stranded on a little island in the middle of the ocean and trying to survive - brings out your true nature.

Popular reviews

  • 2 Graves in the Desert

    2 Graves in the Desert

    First of all, 2 Graves in the Desert is NOT a thriller. It is pretty dry crime drama movie. Michael Madsen and William Baldwin are NOT the main characters here. This honor belongs to Ivan Gonzalez and Cassie Howarth.

    The story is boring because it contains talk, talk, and talk. Yes, dialogue can be interesting and intriguing. No doubt. But if this talk is here only to fill the time and in general it do not support the events... it…

  • Rocket Hunter

    Rocket Hunter

    Okay, let's start!

    1. Poster
    This movie poster looks very promising, right? Yes, very, I agree. But in reality it is created to attract viewers, nothing more. Explaining it later.

    2. Christopher Forbes
    Rocket Hunter is his 32nd movie. And it is totally one-man-show! Totally! Why? Here is the reason: Christopher Forbes is director, producer, writer, editor, cinematographer, set designer, and even musician. Beside that the team contains persons like Emily Forbes, Kelly Forbes and Justin Forbes. So, knowing it,…