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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Incredible. It's not really the type of film I’ll likely revisit very often, but it's a remarkable piece of New Hollywood cinema, one that transcends the trademarks of the time to shine brightly as both a celebration and satire of the era's cinematic voices. I may have spoken too soon about First Man deserving an Oscar for Editing, because the work here is staggering, especially after seeing A Final Cut for Orson: 40 Years in the Making, the short documentary…

  • They'll Love Me When I'm Dead

    They'll Love Me When I'm Dead


    As fascinating as it is depressing. More than the story about Orson Welles' final film, this is a showcase of Morgan Neville's talents as a documentarian. The blending of the interviews into archival footage is wholly effective in bringing us deeper into this story and the dedication of those involved. And while the ending doesn't feel as conclusive as it should - now that the film has been released - it's a fitting one that shines some light on the price one pays for their art.

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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    "No one understands the lonely perfection of my dreams."

    Michael Fassbender should get a nomination for this. He won't, but he should. He's so fucking good.

    Outside a handful of problems (mostly some minor pacing issues in the second act, but also some minor horror movie clichés here or there), I loved every second of this film. Fassbender's just a wicked delight, the production design is amazing, and Ridley Scott manages to build up a great deal of tension and dread throughout the film's fairly basic, familiar story arc.

  • Unfriended



    I honestly don’t quite know whether this is some sort of millennial masterpiece or a steaming pile of shit.

    I do know that I (briefly) felt compelled to write quite a long piece on this film, and that, while watching, I was enjoying whatever it is I was given.