Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

gUyS lOoK hEs ReViEwInG a CoMiC bOoK mOvIe. Yes. I am. This just so happened to be in tv at a time and I was like yeah I’ll watch it why not, I had to watch something to get rid of the bad taste left by Terminator Dark Fate. But back to this, yeah it’s good. I think that’s all I can say is that it’s good, no more, no less. The visuals obviously are stunning and the music is amazing, and some of the acting is pretty eye popping, mind you some. However, the one thing that struck me while watching this was the writing. What the hell happened? I mean it’s not horrible or even too bad but for a film like this, it just feels inconsistent at times. The humor especially is pretty bad and at some times really poorly timed. The final half though fixes it a little, but still not the best, and I found it pretty distracting. And there are some major plot holes and convinces that I couldn’t ignore. I still had fun I guess, and the ending is pretty great, but as a whole it can feel quite messy.

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