• The Eyes of Tammy Faye

    The Eyes of Tammy Faye


    Both Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield had a great performance but good god, it's hard to watch bible thumpers. I also feel like their viciousness was a little downplayed. I fail to believe the disconnect between their faith and their behavior. Jim Bakker is literally still a televangelist selling bullshit "medicine" and giant buckets of food in case the apocalypse comes.

  • Gladiator



    I saw this classic when I was like 8 in 2001, so I didn't really remember the plot. I just remember it being a phenomenon, and that I didn't like seeing the gore cause i was a lil girl. But now, as a big girl, I was... not that entertained, it was okay at best, very removed from reality and the performances are pretty flat.

  • Fresh



    It's okay, it's okay, Cannibal Sebastian Stan can't hurt me

  • Uncharted



    Is it dumb? Yes.
    Is it fun? Pretty fun.
    Is Tom Holland yet another variation of Spiderman? Definitely.
    Are 500 year old ships just kinda dangling in the air without breaking? Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.
    Is it just me or did Mark Wahlberg kinda do a Ryan Reynolds impression in this entire movie?

  • Pam & Tommy

    Pam & Tommy


    It doesn't sit well with me that Pamela Anderson didn't want this show to exist. The cast did very well, it was a great viewing, but there were certainly glorifying/unreal details added, especially to the backstory behind the tape leaking. I didn't like that much of reality was ignored, it seemed like Tommy Lee was shown as too stable at times, honestly. From what we know, he really wasn't that way. They also had a difficult and arduous relationship, a lot of which was kind of ignored.

  • The Hand of God

    The Hand of God


    There are some weird takes in here, some things about sex and women that made me uncomfortable. The imagery is lovely in some places, it offers a dreamlike feeling to some of the memories, but some of the scenes feel like cliches. Italian Timothy Chalamet is really good, I wish we would've spent more time exploring his grief and less time using sex as a metaphor for the future. We were inching close to incel lands with these views on copulation.

  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing


    Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

    Listen, I've seen many of the dance scenes, I know the memes, but I don't think I've ever seen Dirty Dancing from start to finish. I sure as hell couldn't have told you this movie had a plot. I finally actually watched it and it did not disappoint. No wonder it's a classic, it's a lovely romantic flick with a fantastic soundtrack.

  • Belle



    I'm sorry to say, but parts of the plot got real weird, the ending was rushed, the VR aspect was stupidly unrealistic at times, a huge massive crazy plot point was introduced in the third act and we spent minutes just singing instead of solving it. There was a very strong monologue from the Beast person, but other than that it was just uncomfortable after a while.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Man, this just wasn't hitting home for me. There is a lot that Resurrection brings up, from posthumanism to gamification, psychology, etc. But it just scratches the surface of all of these topics, barely giving us insight into any of it, it rushes through new characters, gets lost in the love story and doesn't really say much in the end. This seemed pretentious and unoriginal at the same time, giving us flashbacks to the classic like "oh look how cool this was" and not serving up much more.

  • The King's Man

    The King's Man


    Boring and surprsisingly tasteless, this weird balance between "WWI funny but also sad" didn't translate well at all. The fact that a goat was my favorite part says a lot. Not enough sneaky spy stuff. I enjoyed the criticism of the concept of dying for your country, but the rest was a huge bucket of meh.

  • Encanto



    There are some movies that seem to just touch your heart in an inexplicable way. Encanto is one of those movies, with simple but very effective storytelling. It's not as magically charged and flashy as other Disney films, it almost feels like it's meant for adults more so than for kids. I bawled over everyone's story and trauma, even though I'm an only child with a very different kind of family drama.

    We don't talk about Bruno is an absolute banger and it lives in my head rentfree.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    It seems like everyone relates to some part of this movie. For me, it was the toxic family dynamic of pretending to be all good and having crazy secrets. The score of this movie is much appreciated.