The American Friend

The American Friend ★★★★½

The American Friend was the 1977 international breakout film of Wim Wenders and stars Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz. This film is honestly one of the more interesting and captivating noirs out there. It captures the locations and surroundings of its memorable characters in a way that leads you to wonder what happens next just off of dialogue. Within the first 10 minutes, you're sucked into its mysterious charm. This "mysterious charm" is what keeps the film going till about an hour in, until the mysteriousness gets replaced by familiarity. This familiarity lets the high of the first half of the film down for about 20 minutes, until the final 30 minutes happen, brilliantly shot (I mean, the last 10 minutes of this is pure cinematography perfection esp. in an independent film) and a great ending to this tale.

My favorite part of this has to be Hopper and Ganz' chemistry. Every goddamn scene with them in the same location is just pure fun and entertaining to watch. The script never lets the visuals and acting down and everyone just seems to have so much fun in this. Quick question: Did David Lynch cast Hopper in Blue Velvet because of this? And was Dale Cooper's speaking to Diane Evans through the device based on Hopper talking in diary format in this?

I'm tried to add as much as I could, but I was really tired and about to go to sleep. Sorry!

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