It ★★★½

So, this movie is a little over hyped. It's good, but it's not even close to the best horror film this year, mainly because it doesn't lean in hard enough to what its good at. There are moments in this film that scared the shit out of me, but there were also a lot of "scary scenes" that didn't work at all. The difference between the two was surrealism. Bill Skarsgard can be such an incredibly physical actor at times, dancing, gyrating, and contorting his body with the help of the effects team. Every time they move him into the realm of body horror it works SO WELL. Weird works. But not enough of the film was weird. That being said this film is still totally worth seeing and another great example of the horror renaissance we find ourselves in. But go back and watch Get Out, Annabelle Creation, It Comes at Night, or even Alien Covenant for a more consistently terrifying horror film.