Wonder Woman ★★★★½

There are a few things that make Wonder Woman as great as it is

1) Patty Jenkins understands everything about everyone she worked with.
2) With Gal Gadot, Jenkins understands how important her eyes and brow are to her charisma. When you look at Gal Gadot act, she doesn't have to say much to have you understand what is going on. Jenkins accentuates this with lots of close ups and extreme close ups of Gadot during opportune moments, creating a surprisingly effective emotional balance in the film.
3) With Chris Pine, Jenkins understands that his greatest strength is his total earnest charm. The reason the climax of the film works as well as it does is that you grow to care about him (and his relationship with Diana) very very quickly.
4) With Zack Snyder, Jenkins understands the strengths of Snyder's visual world. She uses a lot of his signature visual cues (long takes during action sequences, extreme focus on emotion and affect over dialogue, etc) but runs them through a flavour and a setting (and time for that matter) that is entirely her own. This film feels like it's part of the DCEU while still feeling like its own creation and that is a real strength in these genre films.
5) Finally, Jenkins understands how empowering this film is for so many people. There are plenty of jokes and quips directed towards patriarchy, but more important than that is how all of Diana's actions are fundamentally courageous. This isn't a snide or sarcastic film, and when Diana steps up in the face of death and war it feels like we are seeing something new.

This is a really beautiful thing.