Russian Ark

Russian Ark ★★★★½

Truly fantastic. The premise was really interesting and the technical aspect of filmmaking was breathtaking. Honestly, this film took so much efford to make and it has so much to give. It doesn't only pay tribute to Russia's rich and extravagant history but to time itself. It wasn't in any way informative like a documentary but that was not the point. This film captures the essence of time passing by. Its continuous shot really makes you feel the flow of time. Also this film breathes a new and more human air into aristocracy since it follows not the big, "historical" events but everyday life and diologue. It's also really amazing how during the movie the eras mix with each other and you are left not knowing where you are because people from the past and the present interact with each other, providing you with a sense that history is not a straight line but has loops and curves. To conclude, I think this film is a true masterpiece that really makes you think about your place in history cause in the end "We are all floating"...

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