Love, Death & Robots: Pop Squad

Love, Death & Robots: Pop Squad ★★★★½


Pop Squad was an incredibly strong episode. Firstly, the animation was absolutely fucking incredible, looking simultaneously photo realistic but also colourful enough to still look really interesting, especially considering the phenomenal production design. This one also has probably my favourite premise of all of these shorts, including the first season, and one I would definitely like to see a sequel to or even an entire series based around this concept. I won't spoil what it is, as I had no idea going in and it ended up shocking me to my very core, and that's how I'd recommend experiencing this one. However, I felt that the concept, and the world-building as a whole, were built up insanely well. I really enjoy when these shorts delve into really dark territory, with shorts such as Beyond The Aquila Rift and The Witness standing out from the last season, and this one definitely fits into that category.

The middle of this one is especially enjoyable, as our protagonist confronts his demons in the form of a young woman harbouring a mysterious secret. It's really hard to talk about without spoiling the premise, but let's just say the conversation these two characters have is extraordinary, and very thought-provoking. I will say that this one ends on a bit of a lackluster note, but apart from that I absolutely loved Pop Squad and this is easily one of the strongest of the entire season, and the show in general.

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