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    rewatched because I was bored.

  • 100 Yen Love

    100 Yen Love


    tw: rape
    I watched this without knowing anything about the film. When the typical sports drama track began I was like ' ah there you go, another under-dog sports film'. But, I was wrong. It's sometimes nice to see people losing in life. Makes them real. Sakura Ando is too good in the film as Ichiko. She is unbashedly unapologetically aggressive and raw. However, I dreaded the last scene. Ichiko deserved better than that man for all the growth her character had throughout the film ffs. Men are just awful.

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  • RRR



    This could've been a love-story if the characters played by Ramcharan and NTR Jr. weren't real. The amount of sexual chemistry they share puts their respective love arcs in the film to shame (not the character chemistry but look at their first scene together, it's literally a typical periodic meet-cute scene of two lovers ). Whatever was Rajamouli trying to show by the dismissive representation of a tribal hero (Komaram Bheem) being subservient to the janeu wearing brahmin hero (alluri…

  • Mimi


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This film is a dangerous Anti-abortion propaganda. You can't burden a women emotionally indirectly forcing her to take a decision of having the baby and mask her decisions under 'her choice' with an overload of drama and emotions to wash off your hands. To top it placing the story in a rural area (again stereotyping). I wish the writer atleast watched Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always once before writing this pro-life nonsense. Kriti Sanon was just okay, I mean I was…