Yi Yi ★★★★★

I can watch even a ten hour film in a single stretch if its directed by Edward Yang !!

Its a rare feat for a director to consistently hold one's attention throughout the entire run time especially when it exceeds 3 hours.
The little nothingness in his narrative style engulfs and deports the audience to his world, where his characters live and even succeeds in making the audience a part of it.

Now talking about Yi-Yi, Its a literally flawless film. Loved this one equally or even more than A Brighter Summer Day. Revolving around three pivotal characters, their struggles, their guilts, their dissatisfactions, their little pockets of joy, their pursuit for contentment and their little interactions in contemporary Taiwan. Each and every character in the film is in the pursuit of purpose or meaning or order of something or the other. By the end of the film, one walks away with the feeling of having known a family in Taiwan. The boy who played Yang Yang is such a cutie! His track is the most innocent and eye-opening one. A true masterpiece that transcends boundaries. Wei Han Yang's Cinematography is an indispensable part of this film, so rooted and not an ounce superficial or manipulative.

Just loved loved loved this one.

" Movies give us twice what we get from daily life"