Dirty Harry ★★★★½

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A damn good 70s crime thriller, and since recently one of my favorite films. This is probably my third viewing of Dirty Harry, and I'm still shocked at how ballsy this film is, considering it's a film from the early 70s. It has boobs, a villain threatening to blow someone's brains out, torture, intense gun fights and Clint Eastwood gleefully fucking with criminals. Clint Eastwood is awesome in anything, but here, he gives his best performance. What his character is doing is wrong, but you do understand his motives. He's definitely an extreme right figure, but the things he does do make you think to yourself "what would I have done in a situation like that?" And the score by Lalo Schifrin is amazing. The jazzy tunes fit the film like a glove, and it enhances the film's awesome 70s feel. I say 70s a lot. The Scorpio killer played by Andrew Robinson is also great. The character is not all that complex, but it's Robinson's performance that makes the character so unsettling. And let's not forget Don Siegel behind the camera, who did a fantastic job directing. This could've been so uneffective if this had been in different hands. If there's one complaint I have about Dirty Harry, it's that it starts out a little too slow. But besides that, I absolutely adore the film. It's artistic, it's suspenseful and it's Clint Eastwood being bad-ass. What more could you possibly ask for?

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