Frozen ★★★½

Since no matter where I go, this film is on every corner of the internet (and I realize I'm contributing to this phenomenon), resulting in some unintentional and indirect peer pressure and / or propaganda, I gave in to the massive and seemingly everlasting hype and finally watched Disney's Frozen. Was I persuaded by its cuteness? Actually, yeah, I was. It's an irresistibly cute film. Ofcourse it resorts to the typical Disney-esque messages ("True love conquers all!", "Don't be afraid of who you are!"), but Disney has been doing that since the late eighties / early nineties, so there's no real reason to criticize that. And while the songs aren't very memorable, I wouldn't quite say they're forgettable, either - at least I can remember most of them. Although I'm kind of annoyed by its neverending, dominant popularity, the film itself can hardly be blamed for that. Yeah, it is a little overrated, but I still very much enjoyed watching it. The story is well-rounded, the characters are all likeable, the twists are unpredictable and make sense, the animation is beautiful and the romance, while kind of stereotypical, is still fairly engaging. Frozen is not something I would watch again, but if I'm forced to, I wouldn't mind it.

...Now can we please let the hype die?

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