Magnum Force ★★★★

Now this is what you call a damn good sequel. Magnum Force is without a doubt the best of the Dirty Harry sequels, and while it's not as good as the original, I can see why some people do prefer this over the first Dirty Harry film. That's because this film does have some small advantages: the theme is better, the story is more fleshed out, the villains are just as good if not better and the film has a slightly more emotional weight to it than the original. And although it isn't as well directed as Don Siegel's original, Ted Post still does a hell of a job, delivering a film that's still very artistic, atmospheric, brutal and soaked in suspense. The main problem is that it's a bit too long, and the film kind of ruined the character of Harry Callahan. Not completely, but the film makes him a bit more "human". Harry Callahan was definitely a far right figure in the original, caring more about justice than about rules, procedures and protocols. But the villains in this film are even more far right than he was, so that more or less makes the character feel less special. I don't find it a big problem, but it's definitely a flaw of the film. And it's also questionable if this film is in canon with the original, considering the end of the first film. Nevertheless, this is still a damn good film, with an awesome 70s score, another great performance from Eastwood, some very suspenseful scenes and an interesting plot. Really good stuff. (And, oh, yeah, "Meet the Sniper".)

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