Sudden Impact ★★★

I can see Clint Eastwood thinking "Ah...shit. I really want to make this rape revenge film, but I can't sell it. Guess I'll put Dirty Harry in it, that will work". And that's exactly what Sudden Impact is: half a rape revenge film, and half a pretty good Dirty Harry film. This is the point in the series where the films begin to focus more on the cheesy one-liners and less on the story. But that's not a problem at all, because the one-liners do work. And I do think this is a massive improvement over the previous film, The Enforcer. Back is the social commentary, back is the dark tone (and it's probably the darkest film in the series) and back is the suspense. The villains are much more threatening than in the previous film and the story is also more interesting. The film does have its problems though; it's simply too long and it tends to drag here and there. Although it's not one of the best films in the Dirty Harry series, it is worth watching just to see Clint Eastwood deliver arguably his most famous one-liner.

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