The Enforcer ★★

It's funny how The Enforcer has the tagline "The dirtiest Harry of them all". If that means that it's the most violent of the Dirty Harry films, then no. But if it means that it's the worst, then definitely yes.

The Enforcer is the weakest Dirty Harry film. The main problem is that it simply doesn't kick you in the balls like the other Dirty Harry films do. It tries to be suspenseful, it tries to be violent, it tries to be dark, but it just fails. It's surprisingly boring, which is ironic because this is one of the shortest in the series, with only 96 minutes.

Another problem is the female sidekick, played by Tyne Daly. She's bland and she simply doesn't do anything. She has a conversation with Harry that's the equivalent of the conversation between Padme and Anakin about sand in Attack of the Clones, instead this time it's about fishing. Daly and Eastwood have no chemistry whatsoever. I know that most of the sidekicks in the Dirty Harry films serve no purpose either, but this one seemed more important because she got more screentime and dialogue, except she isn't important.

The villains are also a joke. I don't even know what they were trying to do, something about kidnapping / killing the mayor or something. They aren't even threatening. I don't buy that they're supposed to be the villains, they look like a collection of amateurs.

Even the action is poor. There's a foot chase that is one of the most lazily executed I've ever seen. It's not intense, the music doesn't fit at all, and it's boring.

Clint Eastwood as "Dirty" Harry Callahan more or less saves this film from being a totally bland affair, though. But sadly, he doesn't have memorable one-liners except "marvelous", and he was a bit more whiny than in the other films. But Clint Eastwood is Clint Eastwood, and Clint Eastwood is awesome.

The Enforcer is not nearly as well directed or memorable as the original Dirty Harry or Magnum Force, and it isn't as cheesy or entertaining as Sudden Impact or The Dead Pool. It's in the bland middle, quite literally.

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