Autism in Love

Autism in Love ★★★½

Didn't think I'd sit and watch all of this when my girlfriend threw it on the other night. It wasn't bad though.

There are no experts chiming in giving you facts and statistics or anything like that, but rather it follows a few autistic people as they live life, dealing with being autistic and how it impacts their relationships, in their own words.

The group it follows are all from different walks of life and various ends of the spectrum. There's a young adult, still living with his mother, who struggles daily with his autism and is desperate for companionship. Not only do you feel for him, but it's torturous for his mother to go through watching him. There's an autistic couple thinking of taking their relationship to next level. Another guy that has been married for years but dealing with changes that aren't for the better.

It's fairly average in how it's put together, but the subjects make it interesting.

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