The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Not every film has a baby hippo playing in a fountain. I tip my hat to you, Jodorowsky.

What a crazy ride. I had heard plenty of things about "The Holy Mountain" before, but didn't expect what I got. At nearly two hours in length, there's next to no dialogue and the entire film is told through trippy imagery. Some of the compositions are pretty amazing, some just the strangest things.

There is a story to follow, though it isn't the clearest due to the way it's presented. That might turn some people off, but even if you can't follow every plot point the film makes, it still makes sense. Well, as much sense as it was ever going to make.

It's surreal, experimental, psychedelic; a treat for the eyes and ears. Probably intended to be seen through the same haze it was no doubt conceived with.

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