The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★½

This movie lacked humanity.

I couldn't convince myself that the story depicted a family of humans. The dialogue was so devoid of emotion, nuance, or anything else that would reflect the idea that these characters weren't just robots. Their actions just happen, there isn't motivation or choice behind them. I couldn't bring myself to empathize with these characters at all, which left me confused and bored. Sure, the things these people do are really fucked up, but they don't hurt because they're so uncharacteristic of actions a person would do. Once I stopped trying to be sad or disturbed by the harrowing depths this movie sinks to, it was pretty funny. Some of the imagery was cool, points to the aspects of the film that don't require any emotional substance. I think the apathetic, dead-pan atmosphere works for The Lobster, but not here.