Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

I'm trying to avoid spoilers, so I'll be as vague as possible.

They did it. Marvel achieved the unthinkable. Not impossible, it's not like with this one movie they straight up changed the cinema forever or invented something completely new. It's not "Lord of the Rings". But they did manage to pull off something (even several somethings) I thought impossible in situation they've gotten themselves into. Apparently if anyone could do it, it's Marvel. Because they did it. They got out.

Well, not really. At least, not yet. Not completely. But they haven't failed yet. They're still keeping it on the level. And it's been a full decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ten years and twice as many movies without a real failure (mediocrity at the worst) - that truly is something never achieved before.

And kudos to them for how they pulled "Infinity War" off. It's as if the screenwriters knew some amount of disappointment is inevitable (as is the dissolution of tension that comes with knowing that there are still movies planned at least for two more years) with the direction they're headed so they worked their asses off to leave us with so much fun, laughter and top-notch spectacle that I have nothing to complain (well, I'm still waiting for a scene where Doctor Strange meets Agent Ross and goes "have we met before?"). Instead, it left me with so much to think of, so much to theorize, analyze, discuss and, above all, wait for more.

I had so many worries but boy did the Russo brothers deliver.
I didn't think they'll be able to keep a coherent story with such an ensemble cast (almost 20 main characters in different locations around the Universe), and yet they did (where, for example, "The Last Jedi" failed in having an interesting story for everyone).
I was almost sure they'll fail at making Thanos - who was never really characterized, only kept in shadows and talked about but never truly shown - a compelling villain within just one movie. One that you can even almost sympathize with or at least see his point of view.
I didn't hope they'll resolve (or at least significantly push forward) so many character arcs as they did.
I was afraid they will go too far in undermining every serious scene with a forced funny one-liner (one of the few shortcomings of the second "Guardians of the Galaxy"), but the balance was perfect.
I didn't expect to laugh as much. I didn't expect to feel so many emotions. I didn't expect to see so much death (and not the Marvel kind).

And finally, I was afraid there'll be nothing to surprise me, but by God there wa

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