Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

I watched this movie again with this video in mind: That's Lindsay Ellis (former Nostalgia Chick) talking about how "Guardians 2" is the first MCU movie that actually resonated with her emotionally, and it's really worth watching.

For me it's the first 8/10 in MCU so far. There were several 7/10, that is, awesome movies that I'll recommend fans of the genre/series/similar movies: first "Avengers", "Civil War", "Spiderman" recently, also the first "Guardians". But the second one is the first MCU movie that I actually will recommend to everyone (especially fans of Mary Poppins).

While the first movie's theme was friendship (even Gavin "Miracle of Sound" Dunne made a song inspired by it titled "Friends"), the theme of the second one is family. It starts with the opening credits scene, where (to borrow Lindsay's observation) every member of the Guardians has a parenting moment with Baby Groot (who, by the way, in the whole movie avoided being just the Tiny CGI Comic Relief character I was afraid he'll end up being), goes through character arcs for basically everyone, including Rocket, Gamorra and Yondu and culminating in the fantastic "he may be your father, but..." quote that will stay with me forever and did bring out some tears.

I have to prepare myself for the possibility of MCU not being able to top this.

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