Ralph Breaks the Internet ★★★

I honestly wasn't expecting this to be so good.

Much like last year I made a challenge for myself to see all movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, this year I made a challenge for the animated features, and after excellent "Mirai", "Isle of Dogs" and the extraordinary "Spider-man" this was the last one remaining. Oh, there was also some "Incredibles 2" there, but I barely remember it.

Isn't it strange for a Pixar movie to be the least good in this category? And a sequel to their best movie to date, at that?

But to my surprise a mandatory watch to complete my challenge ended up being tons of fun, but even more than that. It's a beautiful story about friendship and how toxic it may become, it's full of powerful women and it's also one of the most meta movies I've ever seen.

See, at first I didn't even want to watch it, as I liked the first part just alright, and that super funny scene with Vanellope meeting other Disney princesses seemed a bit cynical for me - like Disney making fun of themselves to show how self-aware they are and how good sports they can be about their most famous trope. But in the end this is one of those cases where the trailer undersells the movie, as - without spoiling everything - the Disney Princesses theme does not end with that one scene, and the payoff is really worth it.

Plus, this may be the first movie I've ever seen where the trailer is actually kinda necessary to fully enjoy the movie :)