Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

A couple more loose thoughts:

Yes, this movie is not perfect. But funnily enough, I found myself simply not remembering the weaker parts of it. Even though I saw it twice already, and day after day at that, when people around me were facepalming about "that Leia scene" I honestly was wondering: "WHAT Leia scene?" I simply forgot about that. It was so minuscule in the grand scope of the whole movie that it was just insignificant. So are all the nitpicks about science: yes, the space bombers probably should move a little faster than they do; yes, in vacuum when a spaceship runs out of fuel is doesn't slow down or drop; yes to all of that, but you know what? Maybe the Galaxy Far Away just works differently from ours?

Or maybe all of this just doesn't matter in light of great acting, fantastic visuals and sound, a good coherent plot (even if the whole James Bond casino plot meanders needlessly and pads the already long movie only to give Finn anything at all to do) and just great character moments between Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren and also the subplot of Poe learning his place in the Resistance and becoming a leader instead of just the hot-headed hero.

Because this is what this movie is about: people. People in the galaxy far away, but real nonetheless. People we can relate to and empathize with. This is what I got out of this movie. And people are much less quantifiable than any rules of science - be it astrophysics or midichlorians. People are like The Force should be: mystical, unpredictable, never truly explainable. And no amount of CGI animals running through casinos or princesses flowing through vacuum of space will gonna take it away from me.

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