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  • Atlantic City

    Atlantic City


    So this was alright. It’s like a crime romance with some comedy, pretty light viewing. Burt Lancaster was fun in his role as a passed up old timer who suddenly has a series of lucky breaks. This made me want to watch more Susan Sarandan movies, she was very good. Overall though, I have no idea what this film wanted to say, if anything. There’s something in there about Atalantic City being a sadder Vegas as a parallel to the characters but I didn’t get much else from it. It’s definitely watchable but compared to the other Louis Malle films I’ve seen it’s a step down.

  • Drumline



    Oh man did I hate this movie. So. much. drumming. Good lord. There are legit ancient flutes made out of mammoth ivory meaning we left behind purely percussive music in the Stone Age because of how boring it is. This movie doesn’t care though, it treats drum line drumming as the highest art imaginable. And Nick Cannon is so good at it that he thinks he’s a living god. Drummers in rock bands are barely cool dude, you’re in a…

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  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    In the director’s cut for Watchmen, Dylan’s The Times They are a Changin’ plays over the typical Snyder slow mo visuals during the title sequence. That’s a good song of course but it’s also probably track #1 on those sound of the 60s albums they used to sell on infomercials. It’s about a 3 minute song which is a major problem for a Snyder cut because he needs more time to properly set up the movie!  So what does he…

  • Harakiri



    So I’ve been on a bit of a bad luck streak movie wise the past week, watched a few with good ratings I thought I’d like and haven’t given over 3 stars to any of them. I get kind of antsy when I haven’t seen a great movie in a while so I didn’t want to fuck around for my next watch - I went to my watch list here which has swelled to an insane 1,500 movies and sorted…