Black Swan

Black Swan ★★★★

The acting (standout: Natalie Portman)
The direction by Daron Aronofsky 
The pacing
The way the movie makes you think
The visual effects 
The thought provoking themes
The horror elements 
The way the movie plays with you
The ending scene 
The final closing line

I didn’t find any other characters all that interesting besides Nina
The movie can drag just a little bit at times 
The bar scene wasn’t particularly interesting 
Didn’t exactly enjoy the flashing lights in the dance scene lol

Final take: This is a very good psychological horror film, if you can call it that! It’s super well crafted, Natalie Portman is amazing in it, has a pretty crazy ending, and is very thoughtful! This film definitely sticks with you after you watch it, and I am happy to have finally seen it! Not quite masterpiece territory however because there are some elements that don’t interest me. But I liked this one! I want to watch more movies like this one!

Grade: A-

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