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  • Thief



    Michael Mann knows how to stage professionals at work. James Caan and Jim Belushi are as virtuosic with their safecracking tools as a violinist is with her violin. They work together as precisely as an orchestra brings compositions to life. They handle their crooked deals with the smoothness of slick stockbrokers – as if the world was their oyster and they were accountable to no one and nothing. But that says more about Wall Street than the behavior of a…

  • The Man Who Sold His Skin

    The Man Who Sold His Skin


    Die Würde des Menschen ist tätowierbar

    "Der Deal: Sam Ali lässt sich ein Schengen-Visum auf den Rücken tätowieren und bekommt im Gegenzug ein tatsächliches Visum mit absoluter Reisefreiheit organisiert. Gleichzeitig muss er als nun lebendes Kunstwerk jedoch auf Fingerschnippen für Ausstellungen bereitstehen. Der Exzess der westlichen Welt wird wortwörtlich auf dem Rücken der Geflüchteten ausgetragen. Die Würde des Menschen ist zwar nicht antastbar, aber offensichtlich tätowierbar.

    Spätestens an dieser Stelle verabschiedet sich das Drehbuch von jeglicher Form der Subversion. Wer…

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  • Serial (Bad) Weddings

    Serial (Bad) Weddings


    If your punch lines are nothing more than the mere stating of racist and sexist prejudices themselves rather than their deconstruction, then you've got a problem. And you've got an even bigger problem, when the sole point of your movie is to say "Everybody has preconceptions, so it's not so bad". Because that is reactionary bullshit.

    The bottom line should be "We are not so different because we are all human." Instead it's "We are not so different because we…

  • Parasite



    PARASITE is an insanely wild ride through so many genres which is so mind-bogglingly well executed that it's hard to believe it's actually working out. Bong Joon-ho truely is a master of both style and substance. "very metaphorical"

    (watched as part of the 5th Annual Letterboxd Season Challenge: 2019-20 – Bonus Week #1: Letterboxd Top 250)