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  • The First Purge

    The First Purge


    THE FIRST PURGE biedert sich auf plumpeste Art und Weise dem Zeitgeist an und schafft es nicht, einen zumindest halbwegs interessanten/neuen Kommentar abzugeben. Das Universum scheint auserzählt. Wie die Vorgänger schafft es der Film kaum über die spannende Prämisse hinaus. SAD!

  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    If you have seen any rom-com, you have seen SET IT UP. It is perfectly harmless and predictable but charming nevertheless.

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  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    Soundtrack over substance.

    ATOMIC BLONDE is riddled with stylistic and tonal inconsistencies as well as weird placements of musical titels which ultimately result in an unfortunate lack of rhythm. Only the soundtrack itself – in conjunction with largely pleasing visuals – makes the movie kinda okay. Some might say it matches Berlin.

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Well. The referential overload simply washes away the iconic characters' magic. The references are rarely used in a clever and meaningful way. Therefore the movie feels meaningless and ultimately soulless over long periods. It sadly struggles for a long time to develop an own identity. The dialogue is mediocre, the characters one-dimensional.

    The movie is lazy. Except when it's not. And then it's pretty clever and entertaining. (Hello, quest for the second key!)

    (And why the fuck does a guy,…