Snow White and the Huntsman ★★½

Visually an utter treat, but the story seems to lack the magic to hold it altogether which makes it drag a little in places.

The real stars are the 7 dwarves who don't appear till the second act an finally bring some much needed comedy into an other wise dark film.

A small level of familiarity comes with regards to long sweeping aerial shots of stunning landscrapes with a group of travelers in single file journeying. Remind you of Lord of the rings anyone? I guess that is something the genre is always going to get now thanks to the work of Peter Jackson.
Another thing that lets the film down is a lack of any real score. Its not till a film has none that its lack of presence becomes noticeable . An many moments in the film lack the atmosphere that a simple bit of scoring bring to the table, shame really.

Overall the film is a unique retelling of a classic fairy tale, with some solid performances through out. Its just a shame it lacks the magic to hold it altogether or else it would be a much finer film.

Oh an one last thing, What is with Evil Boris Johnson? :)