Hello. I like horror movies and fun things.

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  • Die Hard
  • The Shining
  • Elephant

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  • All I See Is You

    All I See Is You


    I should probably strongly dislike this movie for being pretentious or whatever, but I actually quite enjoyed it. Blake Lively is one of the most gorgeous people in the world and once again shoves it in our faces that she is an acting queen as well.
    But beware! This is NOT a thriller like I was led to believe. Maybe a thriller of EMOTIONS, but no one does anything except what people in a dysfunctional relationship might do.
    Basically, it's this: Any relationship goes through rough patches, but someone forgot to tell these two bozos about it.

  • Clerks II

    Clerks II

    I'm not going to lie - the reason I gave the original Clerks movie a 3-star review is because of, a) what it meant to the indie movies back in the beginning of the nineties and, b) how much I loved it then. I don't get it now. I mean, it's okay. But Clerks 2 does not have any of these redeeming qualities and we're left with a love story that's cheesy af, humor so dumb that I wouldn't even…

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  • mid90s



    Did I love Kids? Hell to the yes, goddamn. I was Harmony Korine's little bitch in the late nineties and I was a wallowing fangirl for Gummo. Imagine how freaking PSYCHED I was when Harmony Korine made a cameo is this little slice of life.

    Why was I a Korine girl? You bet it was because he made the ultimate indies, the genre (back then it was a genre for sure) that put a camera in front of what they…