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This review may contain spoilers.

Wes Anderson's MBDTF (maximalist, innovative, radical, incredible, intelligent, etc.) What a film!!!!!!! there's SO much to talk about, but what I loved most is how it's a beautiful ode to writing. He ambitiously covers a lot of topics here (memory, art criticism, theatre, painting, even imperialist wars surprisingly) but underpinning all of it is a love for The Story. For the writers living on the borderline of observing the wonders of daily life and seeking to immortalise the moment, the narrative being shaped in real time. The film's structure actively emulates a literary magazine, with a 'contents page' of sorts before delving into the tales. We know what to expect but we also don't- and it's a wonderful experience regardless, as always. It skilfully covers familiar themes with a very eclectic and interesting cast. The colours and cinematography felt just as comforting as The Grand Budapest Hotel, if not more. god I really love how it expands the possibilities of storytelling and taught me a lot more about conveying the value and interplay of literature and cinema. what a film!!

My two favourite moments were:
1) when Moses looks at the ceiling and sees the painting form, and it transitions from black and white to the finished product (not to be dramatic but I nearly shed a tear bc it was really pretty moment after a long day lmao)

2) when Roebuck says “Maybe with luck, we will find the things that eluded us in places we once called home”. I hope so too.

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