Mary Magdalene ★★★★

I genuinely don't get the hate for this movie. I don't understand how I'm one of the few people that loved it and was so charmed by the beautiful directing, acting and cinematography.

I'm not a very religious person but films like this one always trigger me, I think I like Jesus' story without caring about religion. It's nice to think that there was a man like him that walked this earth.
Joaquin Phoenix did THAT. His performance was so good, he was a kind man that sacrificed himself even though he was very afraid. His eyes made me gasp many times, especially when he said nothing.
Rooney Mara was so honest, pure and simple, it just clicked.
Their on screen chemistry made me tear up many times. For me it's a very good film and I think that viewers should watch it with an open mind. It's a film about people, after all.