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  • Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned


    I don't think this film's description does it justice, as I've found the story to be so much more than two people trying to attempt an old fashioned courtship. The style of their courtship isn't the point, so much.

    Since I read Old Fashioned as a novel before the movie released, I was already aware that the story isn't about giving folks pointers or rules on chaste dating. That would've made for a noble but likely pretty simplistic, flat tale—and…

  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


    "We told her it was wrong to believe that the white people were somehow essentially superior to the black people... That's what we said. And when we said it, we did not add, 'But don't ever fall in love with a colored man.'"

    Oh, I've seen Katharine Hepburn in fine form before, but never like this. And Spencer Tracy is just excellent here. The fact that he and everyone else involved in the film knew that he was dying, and…

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  • The Nativity Story

    The Nativity Story


    Albeit Jesus, naturally, is a major theme in this film, the work as a whole shouldn't be relegated down to a little Christmastime-Jesus-in-a-manger story. Keisha Castle-Hughes, Oscar Isaac, and their supporting cast bring wonderful humanness to this picture, the three wise men adding some nice and unexpected humor.

    I've heard other viewers say that the actors' dialogue is "stiff" or what have you, but I’m pretty sure the filmmakers weren’t trying to portray the characters as modern and Western, speaking…

  • The King and I

    The King and I


    "When one does not know what to say, it is a time to be silent."

    Fine words from the king, with which I tend to agree. But for now, I'll just have to do my best because...

    ...this film has essentially left me conflicted. There's no way I could be politically correct and praise all of it. Indeed, if I'd first seen it at a time before I was more racially/culturally conscious and concerned, before I knew anything about sexism,…