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    First off, it's still wonderful to see Dick Van Dyke singing, dancing, and grinning.

    Besides that...this is a nice collection of veteran actors in a weirdly acted story that lacks flow and compelling focus. The constant background music tries so hard to punch things up and create atmosphere, but the movie just feels disjointed—and rather flat, largely because the unnatural characters are hard to connect to.

    I got through half the movie, unmotivated to finish it.

  • Fred Claus

    Fred Claus

    Like any good comedy, it's got some parts that might hit you in the gut with something other than a belly laugh.

    The CGI elves, though? Kinda creepy as heck.

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  • Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned

    I don't think this film's description does it justice, as I've found the story to be so much more than two people trying to attempt an old fashioned courtship. The style of their courtship isn't the point, so much.

    Since I read Old Fashioned as a novel before the movie released, I was already aware that the story isn't about giving folks pointers or rules on chaste dating. That would've made for a noble but likely pretty simplistic, flat tale—and…

  • The Chosen

    The Chosen

    A film based on one of my all-time favorite books.

    Although politics are a passionate part of the story, I don't like it for the politics. (You know, sometimes I almost hate to use the word, for its connotations. It can be easy to minimize or brush off a complex and crucial human issue by saying it's "just politics.")

    Anyhow. I like this story for the way it portrays how there are differences within groups, behind the broad labels. "I…