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This review may contain spoilers.

i think i love this film so much because it really made me think. there’s so many layers and everything makes sense (besides maybe the old couple) so all the scenes fit into the film perfectly like pieces of a puzzle.

the first half of the film is diane’s “dream world”, where she’s a talented actress and her feelings for “rita” are reciprocated. the reason she didn’t get the part for the film has nothing to do with her talent and everything to do with the producers so nothing is her fault.

however, about 90 minutes into the film, we stop seeing diane’s interpretation of everything and we begin to see the truth. diane hired a hit man to kill camille because she hated the fact that she got with the director. also, she didn’t get the part because she’s not talented. that scene at the theatre changes everything because that’s the crossover from diane’s sub conscious to reality (i think the key symbolizes “unlocking” the “gate” to reality).  

also, because of how guilty she felt for hiring a hit man to kill diane, she justifies it by making the hit man seem chaotic in the first half of the film. this is her way of pinning everything on him because it shows the commotion caused isn’t her fault, it’s his because he’s clumsy. it’s like how she blamed her not getting the part on the producers, she doesn’t take accountability for anything. 

i also noticed that the detective’s death (at the beginning of the film by the diner, when his dream comes to life) is a parallel because diane killed herself after acknowledging the commotion she caused so both deaths show that dreams can be deadly. 

overall i loved this film and although it really confused me that was sort of the point and i definitely need to rewatch this soon because there’s so much to process that i still think i missed A LOT.

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