Rocketman ★★★★

ok after watching this it really becomes apparent that borhap was complete garbage....... taron egerton came for rami malek’s career and stepped on his face 

really proud of the accurate portrayal of gay men in a mainstream film that isnt a gay categorized movie; honestly i think this is the first to ever do so. i was absolutely blown away at taron egerton’s performance!!!!!!! he learned to sing and dance and play the piano talk about method acting........ wish i can say the same for a recent oscar winner...... also the musical style of incorporating the songs worked very well and the structure overall told elton’s rise and fall efficiently without making it such a pat on the back. it showed how a biopic about a musician doesnt need to be so music based and focused on the shows, rather have the best of both worlds of a good plot and an homage to the music. 

god bless richard madden’s hair and MY BABY JAMIE BELL!!!!! HE WAS SO CUTE UGH SO SWEET I LOVE