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  • Nebraska



    “Have a drink with your old man. Be somebody!”

    am really not feeling any of the films we’ve had to watch for LSC. this is for the discussion on “Ageing in Film”. 

    Nebraska might just be the most tedious film i’ve watched recently. i dislike all the characters except for Will Forte and even when some kind of redemption was given to them they were still so unbearable uuuggh. the score is kind of nice but also annoyed the shit…

  • The Night Before

    The Night Before


    “You have been such a ROCK throughout this whole pregnancy. You are like my DWAYNE JOHNSON.”

    fun lil christmas themed stoner film (at least for Seth Rogen’s character it was definitely a trippy af night) with some unexpected emotional depth, great friendship and it’s about these guys who have to grow up a little bit aaah it was nice. Mackie, JoGo and Rogen really pulled this off, loved their performances and they obviously had a lot of fun with thus…

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  • Arrival



    does it ever just hit you how much you love movies? i’m crying. this film is larger than life. Denis Villeneuve makes me believe in miracles again.

  • Interstellar



    i remember how upset i was that i figured out most of the last act so early on and really let that affect my evaluation of the entire movie but man i am in love with these visuals and the music and jessica chastain and wes bentley and i’m glad casey affleck was the least favorite kid