10 Cloverfield Lane ★★★★

"I know what you're doing. I see everything."

honest to god John Goodman was so fucking terrifying he's gonna haunt my dreams for some time. this was top casting let me tell ya cause a huge af guy like Goodman was absolutely perfect for the role of this neurotic psycho. honest to god scared the shit out of me. Winstead was very good as well, she basically embodied that feeling of anxiety and fear that the viewer experiences during this isolated thriller. shoutout to the writers for not assuming that people are stupid by nature cause the characters make LOGICAL decision and the viewer isn't taken for completely dumbed down - no bothering with long exposition scenes, thank you very much. how does it connect to Cloverfield? imo 10 Cloverfield Lane should be watched with as little preinformation as possible to get the most out of it so I think it'll have to suffice when I say this is a exceptionally suspenseful piece that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat in a very limited amount of room. isolation! big scary man! cloverfield!

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