Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

“Somewhere between leaving your ass and saving my own, I developed a conscience. It's exhausting.”

I was thrown off my game when 40ish minutes in I realized this was in fact going to be a silly heist movie and not another post-apocalyptic wasteland zombie road movie scenario. very exciting moment for me, even more than the giddy feelings I got over the opening titles, which I found such a banger intro back to the zany Snyder idiosyncrasies.

interesting blur effect done with old Canon dream lenses and while it took me a moment to get used to, I do think it pays off and makes for a spicy visual narrative in addition to the kinetic energy already inherent to most of the director’s work. plus, the sets are cool and the zombie myth feels freshened up with the heist arc as well as the social hierachy established within the derelict las vegas mob of the dead. the dialogue for this is so bad though I’m frankly surprised they greenlit that as it is in here.

was there no script supervisor at hand to polish things up the teensiest bit to not make me cringe  so hard over almost every instance someone opened their mouth 💀 I get not seeing a need for more eloquent writing, this is a zombie movie with a bunch of misfits in a race against time, but the wet cardboard personality of each of these characters cramps Snyder’s style severely because it’s stupid to the point of no fun in many places. also makes it feel even longer than it already is. 

I sorta tuned that out after a while and just vibed with the three ladies with the guns (Nora Arnezeder... call me) and Matthias Schweighöfer lol. pretty cast, although none of them really seem right for their roles except the latter and Omari Hardwick

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