BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

“There’s never been a black cop in this city. We think you might be the man to open things up around here.”

well well well this happens to be my first Spike Lee and i very much like what i’ve seen. it’s as on the nose as people have told me and crushes you into your seat with a flood of imagery and dialogue that you won’t forget anytime soon, whether you like it or not. 

John David Washington and Adam Driver hold each other up on a masterful level. supporting cast ranges from a terrific Jasper Pääkkönen, over a hilarious Topher Grace to the gorgeous and enamoring Laura Harrier. it’s a joy to watch these people act cause they’re all in it with everything they have. Spike Lee has a lot to say and the dialogues bolster with wild but awfully (still) applicable truths. it’s things that you and I know about but there’s never a moment where it doesn’t sting and i appreciate it for that. 

for me a couple sequences were too drawn out and though it doesn’t drag too much, i still wasn’t a fan of the pacing during the second act. i got easily lost though, in that one scene with Kwame Ture’s speech. expertly edited, as is the entire film if i may remark so, and absolutely heartbreaking in the way it conveys emotion. the trasition between humorous and darker themes runs so smooth i was kind of laughing a bit at one point only to feel slapped in the face the next. they dont interfere with one another but it’s harsh man. 

truly deserving of its praise and i now get why Lee’s such an acclaimed director because this has some of the most impressive and awestriking moments in film of this year. as far as i’ve read, this is one of his less harrowing joints compared to previous works but don’t let that fool you because under the more or less satirical notes it broils from the glorious beginning to the cataclysmic ending. some really hard to watch/hear stuff right there.

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