Good Time

Good Time ★★★★

“This place where we are now, it can be a lot of fun if you let it. You're gonna have a good time.”

ready to have Rob Pattinson ruin my life again and since he’s been in a couple really good films lately i will gladly do some catching-up. Good Time is a tight thriller following Connie Nikas on a nightlong NYC odyssey to get his brother out of prison. an electrifying, sensory overload with its riveting score and neon-drenched visuals. there’s ... a lot of neon. 

pulsing city at night, crime and shady business a constant part of it. the Safdie’s have an eye for this spatiality and intoxicating atmosphere, drawing you in with its disillusioning speed and turns. time’s running out and Connie chases one hopeless money gig after the other. Pattinson is incredible and his quiet and slightly awkward ways are perfect for this performance. 

the love between these two brothers transcends so vividly beyond the opening introduction to them. though Nick is mostly absent, he haunts Connie’s every thought, step, and frantic action. he may be a questionable criminal but the brotherly bond is the little pure glowing thread guiding him through the night and its flashy lights. 

Sean Price Williams captures the colorful surface of the ugly machinery underneath with a graceful hand. the contrast between what the city looks like at first glance and how it actually writhes and thrives on poverty and crime behind that is harrowing.

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