Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus ★★★★

“You know, I've always wanted a child. And now I think I'll have one... on toast!”

Spooktober watch #18: 
tag yourself, I’m the cat in every scenario.
while watching these cult halloween movies I’m always a bit sad that I didn’t grow up with them. in Switzerland - or at least in my hometown - it isn’t really a big thing and I only started being actually aware of it from about age 12 onward and by then you were already considered too old for trick r treating ugh. this is nevertheless such a nostalgic piece and the 90s vibes are overwhelming me rn haaa and the spooky fall theme!! 

the three witches are hilarious and I loved the dynamics between the siblings and Allison, so heartwarming. also Ralph showed dem nasty ladies out the door for good. nice doggie. Kenny Ortega has a knack for the kind of family films that really dig into the coming of age theme (High School Musical, i mean what’s more iconic) with some absurd moments or plot points that’ll have you giggle like a six year old.  

costumes and set design are appropriately spooky too and while the effect on the talking cat wasn’t exactly mindblowing it had its charm and i want a talking pet too. I’ve already listened to the score multiple times since I watched this and I LOVE IT. Hocus Pocus is the embodiment of disney halloween fun and I’m going to rewatch this every year from now on. how great would it be if films like this were still made today. 

by the way this has the ultimate dad joke to end all dad jokes.

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