House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses ★★½

"It's all true. The bogeyman is real and you found him."

i thought i'd give rob zombie a try but so far i'm not really a big fan. of course i didn't expect any high standards with the small budget that House of 1000 Corpses has but it looks actually quite neat. got some good splatter and gore. except for that i hardly find other things to praise about it because the acting is pretty shitty (which i can live with tho and Bill Moseley was my favorite he's awesome) and the story jumped from one point to the other so quickly i didn't know what the connection was or where the fuck the characters were now?? 

it's hilarious and lowkey stupid and i wanted to enjoy its silliness but the repeatedly inserted clips of the murder family and Dr. Satan etc were kind of jarring and kept me from connecting with it. i guess this is for fans of these kinds of movies since i saw that many people like this a lot. go ahead if you think it's something you'd enjoy.

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