I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★

“Don't try to be anyone else. Just know who you are and use that to your advantage.”

ended up liking this, mostly because it freshens up a tread out premise with its own suaveness and proceeds at such a swift pace that I didn’t much feel the 2h runtime. plus, Rosamund Pike is utterly stunning and sells this crooked girlboss with the same narcissistic relish as she did with Amy Dunne. where this all runs smooth it lacks in complexity though, both narratively and in particular with these characters who, besides Marla, evade any graspable depth the minute it ends.

would’ve profited from leaning
more into the pulp rather than half-heartedly try to validate the megalomaniac egos at work too. Cory Finley’s Bad Education comes to mind where a very similar chain of events and legal dramatics is tied together with a much better sense for the drive behind it as well as the weighty social commentary in its wake.

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