Jigsaw ★★★

“Now the games are simple. Best ones are. You want mercy? Play by the rules.”

they didnt play this in english at my cinema but i spontaneously decided to ask my friend from film class if she wanted to go see it anyway cause i knew that she likes horror. yeah we ended up having a fun time, feasted on a pint of salted caramel ice cream and kept guessing who the killer was (tip: it was predictable and we got it pretty early on but STILL). 

this one had much better cinematography and editing than it’s seven (7!!) predecessors, I have to hand it that. otherwise it was... just okay. I’d hoped for better since it was the Spierig Brothers directing and they did a phenomenal job with the twist(s) in Predestination but the ending left me kind of disappointed. kuddos for trying because i see what they went for and appreciate it but it does not really work as a real surprise (I WAS surprised but upon reflection it’s rather shoehorned in). 

Laura Vandervoort and the Danny McBride double were interesting and I really liked Laura’s character. fucking despised Detective Halloran, I was about ready to put a reverse bear trap on him after .2 seconds of screen time. wish they’d gone with a bit more stimulating dialogue, especially within the first 15min because i found it a weak start and hard to get into. otherwise it’s probably what you’d expect it to be (not really good but entertaining) and if you’re a fan of the franchise I think you’ll enjoy it for what it is.

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