Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★½

“To kill a monster, you need a monster.”

well if that ain’t the height of screenwriting right there! you know, I’m down for Anderson’s trash and having played and liked this game back in the day I wasn’t looking for a mighty thoughtful adaptation by any means but  this was far from b-movie fun. so BLAND and unbelievably thinned out, the whole middle portion could be cut down to one minute and it would virtually be the same fucking movie because it wastes so much time on the “bond” of two characters that does nothing for anything.

leaving away the end credits it’s a scarce 95ish minutes long but feels like 2h at least, and it hurts because it starts off without bothering around needless character development and then meanders around useless banter for like a full half hour? could’ve used that time to nail down some more of its irate action since the majority of it is so poorly edited I got barely anything out of it besides jitters and heavy breathing. not a lot of good monster hunting, so it already failed that primary requirement for me too lol. best part is the ending and of course it cuts off right when I got actually hooked for a sec 🙄

I will say the location shoots look fab tho and are the one thing really getting the possible scale of this story across (besides the wildly fumbled, bigass cgi monsters)

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